Below are quotes from the book;

“Substantive democracy in America is being stolen, not through force of arms or in the dead of night, but by a clever assault that not only lets the people think they still govern; it has the diehard support of many who, as a result of that support, stand to lose the most.”

“We have been focused far too much in this country upon arguing whose beliefs are superior, rather than attempting to address the needs that underlie those beliefs.”

“The increasing willingness of Americans to accept revisionist history, conspiracy theories, blatant untruths and political obfuscation is the canary in the coal mine of education in America.”

“….our government is now of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy. That state of affairs is perpetuated and furthered by nuanced appeals to the hopes and dreams of Americans who are led to believe that their path to a good life is inextricably tied to increasing the wealth of the already wealthy. These nuanced appeals take the form of carefully crafted public relations campaigns, position papers, lobbying, issue advertising and political spin from politicians themselves and from conglomerate-controlled media.”

“We have succumbed to a malaise where getting by is the vision of many and getting all you can is the vision of others.”

“What we lack is true leadership; a vision of greatness that empowers rather than inhibits; that coalesces rather than divides; that expresses that vision and then honors it in deed rather than sacrifices it to accommodation or expediency. “

“In times of difficulty we yearn for change. Then change becomes the difficulty.”