America Adrift is an effort to bring us together; to chart a path to common ground out of diverse views so that we can begin to address the grave challenges we face as a nation. As long as we remain bitterly divided there will not be sufficient popular support to achieve needed change. We will continue to debate ideology and belief for achievement rather than discuss our underlying needs. In order to breach this impasse  the book explores the sources of our discord and disarray and then offers a path to resolution of the entrenched economic and political differences that are immobilizing us as a nation.

The mere election of new politicians, or the creation of new political parties and movements, whether they promise more government action, or less government interference, will not move us forward if they are products of the same broken system. Most understand that our representative democracy is broken, but there is insufficient agreement on the specifics of how to fix it. Moreover, many of the proffered solutions, like constitutional amendments, offered previously by others face insurmountable obstacles to their realization. America Adrift offers new thinking and achievable, practical approaches so that we can unite, regardless of party or ideology, to restore the promise of our democracy and ensure a brighter future for all of our citizens.