A just released Pew Research chart shows that polarization in the US is growing worse year by year. That means that achieving consensus on key issues is becoming vastly more difficult with the passage of time. Gridlock in Congress is making the country almost ungovernable.  With mass shootings becoming so constant that there is almost a resignation to them, we remain mired in the divisive debate about guns and mental health without dealing with the underlying predisposition to violence in America. Economic issues, climate and entitlement debates continue to produce heat and no resolution.  Profit-conflicted media and money in politics all compound the situation.

It is time recognize that what we are doing isn’t working.

America Adrift looks at the root causes of our polarization and provides a way forward.  It examines the issues that bitterly divide us and offers a means to achieve common ground. From common ground we can attain progress.  I urge you to read this book.  It is filled with new thinking.  Although it was first written a few years ago, the very things it predicted have happened.  The very issues it addresses have all worsened as we continue to repeat a cycle.

We are one country with common needs. We should be building on that premise and focusing on our needs rather than on people’s beliefs. Please read America Adrift. The eBook version is only $2.99. It obviously wasn’t written to make a profit.  It was written to make a difference!

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