It is neither hysteria nor understatement to say that while we squabble and fuss, pontificate and divide, special interests continue their inexorable corrosion of our democracy. Despite seeming progress, we are being divided and conquered. Aided by outrageous, non-scholarly rulings of the Supreme Court, special interest dollars now matter far more in elections than the needs of citizens. The wealthy and corporations now enjoy rights elevating them to super-citizen status who pull the puppet strings of our politicians and manipulate the heartstrings of the gullible.

None of this will change as long as the public remains apathetic, divided and unfocused. There are too many pundits, too many theories and too many false starts. The Occupy movement was a noble effort, but its disorganized nature left it vulnerable to becoming just another voice in a choir of people singing different songs all at once. We need a focused effort that attacks specific issues with the full weight and force of enough citizens who sing from the same song sheet. That has not, and will not, come from the major political parties or our elected “leaders.”

America Adrift identifies both a process and a path by which we can come together to address key issues that are allowing the corrosion of our democracy. These relate to how we finance elections, our toleration and support of pandering (profit-conflicted) media, our failure to talk with one another as opposed to at one another (failure to seek common ground) and our reliance on arguing about beliefs rather than trying to agree on outcomes. These and more are detailed in America Adrift. It offers a different approach that most Americans, regardless of political persuasion, can work with. I urge you to read it and involve others.

A movement starts with one. Help be the one who unites and moves us forward to reclaim our democracy.

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