We Americans are sleepwalking through the theft of our way of life, our future and our democracy. Aided and abetted by profit-conflicted and inept major media, we are misinformed and misled. We have become numb to what should be alarming numbers; 40 million human beings at or below the poverty level in the richest nation on earth; 37th among major nations in healthcare performance metrics despite the most expensive system; graduating fewer engineers and scientists, high-school dropout rates averaging 40% and low ratings internationally for cognitive and math skills; a declining middle class. And the list goes on. We can ignore and dispute, but the facts don’t lie. America is a nation in decline!

We blog, we Occupy, we protest and all to little avail.  Our various efforts are diluting each other with a myriad of ideas, actions and groups. In contrast, wealthy special interests are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy hearts and minds and thereby elections. Dollars, not voters or ideas, are now what matters because dollars buy voters. That is the reality.

The Supreme Court has equated money with speech in the Citizens United case. They were right about one thing- money talks. And it speaks louder than anything else. It is drowning out the voices of flesh and blood citizens.

If the present situation is not reversed, no matter what you care about, it will suffer. We cannot afford to continue to be neutralized by a host of divisive issues. We have to join together, as a top priority, to get the poisonous influence of money out of our democracy. The best way to do that is to unite and support the concept of publicly-funded elections. Then move to outlaw money and other forms of bribery, like job offers, from lobbying.

Progressive, conservative, independent or apolitical, I urge you to read America Adrift. Understand the subtle forces that manipulate us and that have led us to our present situation. Learn what you can do to counteract these forces- then act! And spread the word to involve others. We have no time to lose. #WakeUpAmerica

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