The sad fact is that our once “can do” country has become a country of “can’t.” We can’t have world class schools, good roads and bridges or adequate police and fire protection because we are told we can’t afford them. We can’t take care of seniors or provide universal health-care because we can’t even agree on these topics. We can’t address any of our problems with clear and forceful actions because of uncompromising ideological differences and the constant interference of special interests. And the list goes on.

There is an adage to the effect that people will go to far greater lengths to avoid what they fear than to attain what they desire. Fear and negativity abound in America today, furthered by compromised and inadequate leadership, inept media and PR spin from special interests. These are some of the cultural issues, detailed in America Adrift, that hold us hostage. Scattered protests and a focus on wealth notwithstanding, until we begin to address these cultural chains that bind us our problems will only worsen while we remain a country of….. “can’t.”

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