No, that’s not a typo about the Occupy movement. 9% is the current popularity level for Congress; the lowest level since Gallup began keeping tabs. The surprising thing in that statistic is that 9% of our populace still thinks positively of Congress. Maybe the folks in Congress have lots of friends and relatives.

The latest piece of political theater involves the so-called Super Committee. It certainly isn’t doing anything super and if it’s a committee, it is both disorganized and dysfunctional. The theater here is that the supposed club of sequestration, massive forced cuts if Congress fails to act, is not a club at at. It’s not even an inflatable bat. Senator McCain and others have already said as much. Not only can Congress repeal sequestration, the cuts it mandates won’t go into effect until 2013, plenty of time for Congress to kill them. Congress, as you might have observed, is very adept at killing things.

Do we really need yet more evidence that Congress does not represent the people of this country or act in the peoples’ interests? Our elected non-representatives are bought and paid for with campaign, lobbying and PAC money to represent the interests of their funders, not the electors. Merely replacing Congresspeople will not solve the problem; just provide new fodder for the machine.

In the book, America Adrift, I detail a broad list of things we must change in order to reclaim our legislative process so that it is responsive to the people once again. Some of things will require us, the American people, to change in terms of our actions, beliefs and priorities. The longer we wait, the more we will lose.

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